Titular Feast of Mount Rosary

Titular Feast of the patroness, Our Lady of Holy Rosary was celebrated on 7th October 2021 with devotion and fanfare.

It was a festive look at the Mount Rosary Church Compound on Thursday morning with the young talents of Mt Rosary High School Brass band playing tunes of the devotional hymns and popular songs, led by Goldwin Mascarenhas, as the joy of the faithful gathered here was dwindled to enter the house of God. 

At sharp 10.30 am Holy Thanksgiving festal Eucharist was concelebrated by a host of guest priests close to couple of dozens of the Kallianpur deanery, those served earlier, as well as from the surrounding parishes. The Main celebrant was Rev. Fr Sunil D’Silva, parish priest of St Anthony Church, Sastan. 

In the introduction, Santhosh Cornelio, Convenor of 20 Pastoral Commissions of the parish, explained the background of this day, our queen of Holy Rosary, also known as Our Lady of Victory, an anniversary of the decisive victory of the combined fleet of holy league of 1571 over the Ottoman navy at the battle of Lepanto on this day……. We the Rosarian’s are fortunate and blessed, to have the Mother of Jesus as our Patroness and welcomed all the priests and faithful to join the thanks giving Holy Mass…..

The melodious Choir of the parish led by Jovita Fenandes with both talented singers and experienced musicians was at its usual best…….with selected hymns for this special occasion.

While breaking the word of God, in his homily Fr Sunil DSilva raised several questions… and also given insightful answers, as he stressed on two unique features of Mother Mary’s life viz within the family members, family and other families….. and on the other hand her continued spiritual life, which progressed hand in hand. He picked and narrated various Biblical instances in the life of Mary – from her birth, growth, her immaculate conception, birth of Christ and his bringing up with responsibilities, passion, death on cross, resurrection, birth of the Church…… till her heavenly assumption….

He beautifully related the above incidents to our present day life…..He also went back to rewind our ancestors’ simple Catholic living about 3 – 4 decades ago….. Yes, while reaching home we carried a lot in our heart and mind to reflect and focus….Let us try to imitate, Mother Mary do self inspired charity in the family, parish and society……. ‘at times it takes great confusion, turmoil in our mind and soul to reach to the place of submission or taking a decision….Spirit of Mother Mary……in her total submission must be our strength to tide over difficult moments……’ he concluded the sermon.

We the Rosarians’ in Santhekatte – Kallianpur are Blessed, to have the Mother of Jesus as our Patroness, as Parish Priest Rev Dr. Leslie C. DSouza conveyed Festal Greetings, also on behalf Fr Stevan Fernandes and Fr Sandeep Jerald DMello, to all parishioners gathered in the Church, at home and abroad and he took this opportunity to express thanks to all the guest priests, the parishioners, the Pastoral Council, Gurkars, Finance Committee, Sisters of the Convents, all pious associations in the Church and 20 pastoral Commissions……

Main sponsors / Pirjenth family Vincent and Victorina Pinto, Lourdes Ward, were specially honoured with candles by the Dean of Kallianpur Varado, V. Rev Fr. Valerian Mendonca.

The parish family prepared well with Nine Days Novena prayers, especially for various needs and intentions, citation of Holy Rosary, etc since 27th September, 2021. And today’s liturgy was well arranged by Fr Steven Fernandes the assistant Vicar and the pastoral liturgical team, coordinated by Sr. Vanditha Miranda……

As the Holy Mass concluded around 11.45, all present were served with snacks and soft drinks by the main sponsors of the feast. ICYM / YCS Volunteers’ made systematic arrangements to distribute the same. Though it was a working day, the parishioners enthusiastically participated in large number.

By P. Archibald Furtado

Photos by: Praveen Cutinho.

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